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As a manager, decision maker or user, we understand that you would like to control or reduce your print cost in the best way possible without compromising on quality. However, whether you like it or not, you cannot do away with printing and the idea of operating a paperless office remains nothing but a myth.

Moreover, in todays environmentally conscious society, everyone is aware that cartridges can be recycled and that there is no need to buy expensive cartridges from the original manufacturers of printers. But what worries such buyers is the performance quality of such cartridges.

To put a stop to your printing woes, we are here to help you make the right decision.


For more than 15 years, Smart Document Solutions (SDS) along with its associate companies has been specializing in Laser Toner Cartridge Components and Inkjet Inks. We have helped many companies throughout India indirectly save lakhs of rupees and now you too can directly avail for the same benefits.

Having an in-depth technical know-how about printers, copiers and MFP machines, Smart Document Solutions under its brand PRINT POWER offers innovative but simple solutions that have helped our nationwide network of dealers and will now help you to streamline your operations and reduce costs, regardless of you being a large corporate house, banking institution, school or government sector.

We Offer:

  • Time Bound Delivery of Quality Products
  • Flexible Financial Options
  • Simple Tailor Made Solutions
  • Nationwide Service Coverage

Superior Quality Service and Solutions

Once you have worked with SDS you will know how we have helped many organizations with their diverse printing and documentation requirements by integrating latest solutions with their old print systems and have helped them identify hidden costs through our specialized Print Cost Audit service.

Give us a call if you want us to conduct a Print Cost Audit for your company " OFFERED ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST!

When it comes to quality cartridges, PRINT POWER is the most trusted and reliable source. We offer products that are environmentally friendly and are sourced from manufacturers that comply with strict quality standards.

Contact us on (+91) 022 22668866 to access the privileges of being a PRINT POWER client or submit an online form to obtain a free quote.